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Language Education for Social Future: Language, Community, and Identity new
Giving Choice And Connecting People: Expanding Ideas For Japanese Language Study With Minato
NIHONGO CUP | The Japanese Speech Contest for Secondary Schools in the UK
Marugoto Japanese Language & Culture Course (A1 Beginner Stage 2 Level) | TERM 2

Language Education for Social Future: Language, Community, and Identity   org

Historically, the role of foreign or second language education was simply to serve the needs of a nation or community. But can language education bring about change within the community itself?

Shinji Sato, Director of the Japanese Language Programme at Princeton University, views the goal of language education as not merely to introduce a country’s standard language and culture, but also to encourage active participation as a full member of the community using the target language. Active participation involves critically examining cultural and societal rules, making an effort to succeed within these rules or even change the rules if necessary while negotiating with others, and taking responsibility as a member of the community. Critical thinking is an indispensable component of this process because it enables individuals to question existing frameworks and change them as needed, allowing us to create our own futures for ourselves and our communities.

In this talk, Sato will demonstrate examples of how to realise this vision by incorporating project-based activities such as the Social Issue Project and the Community Involvement Project into the existing curriculum, or creating a new curriculum such as Life and Careers. He will examine how foreign or second language education can influence the sociocultural and historical context in which it is located by analysing actual student works, students’ final reports, and survey about the projects. 

Participation fee: Free.   Language: English 英語

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About the speaker: SHINJI SATO
Director of the Japanese Language Programme, Princeton University.

Sato completed his Ph.D. in anthropology and education from Teachers College, Columbia University. His works critically examine self-evident notions in Japanese language education including learning, culture, communication, competence, and creativity. He also proposes alternative classroom practices. Sato is the co-author of several publications, including Rethinking Language and Culture in Japanese Education (2014), Syakaisanka o mezasu nihongo kyoiku [Japanese Language Education for the Global Citizens] (2012), and Mirai o tsukuru kotoba no kyoiku o mezashite [Language Education for Social Future: Critical Content-Based Instruction] (CCBI, 2015).

Date: 2 February 2017 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Language Resources Centre, King's College London

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Giving Choice And Connecting People: Expanding Ideas For Japanese Language Study With Minato   org

「日本語を学びたいけど、近くに教室がない。」「仕事や家事で忙しくて、決まった時間がとれない。」「興味はあるけど、気軽に学べないかな?」国際交流基金関西国際センター(KC)は、地理的、時間的制約によって、日本語の教室に通うことができない学習者や、これから学習を始めたいという世界中の人々に日本語を学ぶ機会を提供するため、日本語学習プラットフォーム「JFにほんごeラーニング みなと」(以下、「みなと」)を2016年7月に公開しました。

“I want to study Japanese but there are no classes near me.”
“I am really busy with work and home life so I don’t have time to take a class.”
“I’m interested in Japanese, but I just want to study it casually.”

In July 2016, The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai launched the Japanese language learning platform JF Japanese e-Learning Minato for learners who cannot attend Japanese classes due to geographical or time constraints to give people from all over the world the chance to study Japanese language and culture.

本セミナーでは、「みなと」が「学びが選べる」「人とつながる」というコンセプトをどのように実現しているか、「日本語コース」「コミュニティ」「JF日本語学習ウェブサイト&アプリ」といった機能の紹介を通してお話しします。「JF日本語学習ウェブサイト&アプリ」の紹介では、2016年に公開されたウェブサイト「ひろがる もっといろんな日本と日本語」「みんなで聞こう 日本の歌」、文字が楽しく学べるアプリ「Hiragana Memory Hint」「Katakana Memory Hint」「Kanji Memory Hint」を中心にご紹介します。また、これらのサイトの活用法や教師としての関わり方について、参加者の皆さんと考えます。

In this seminar, we will look at how Minato enables learners to choose their learning method and bring people together through its Japanese Course, Community and Japan Foundation Website & Apps features. The websites and apps that we will focus on will include Hirogaru, get more of Japan and Japanese, "Listen Together : The Songs of Japan" 「みんなで聞こう 日本の歌」 and the Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji Memory Hint apps. We will also consider how these sites can be put to use from a teacher’s perspective.

Participation fee: Free.   Language: Japanese 日本語

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About the Lecturer, Yosuke Kasai | Language Education Specialist, The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai

中国、ミャンマー、ネパール、ベナン(西アフリカ)の日本語学校で日本語教育に従事。2015年より現職。日本語学習プラットフォーム「JFにほんごeラーニング みなと」上の日本語オンラインコース開発、新規ウェブサイト・アプリ開発に携わる。

Has worked in Japanese language education at schools in China, Myanmar, Nepal, and Benin (West Africa) and assumed current position in 2015. Involved in the development of the online Japanese course within the e-learning platform JF Japanese e-Learning Minato and other new websites and apps.

Date: 20 February 2017 from 5.00pm to 7.00pm

York St John University Fountains Learning Centre (Room 216).
Click here for access to York St John University (Campus Map)

Co-organised by the Japan Foundation London and York St John University. 

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NIHONGO CUP | The Japanese Speech Contest for Secondary Schools in the UK   org

We are delighted to announce that the Nihongo Cup Japanese Speech Contest for Secondary School Students in the UK is open for applications!

This contest is open to students in the UK studying Japanese language. There are three categories: Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4&5 Pre-GCSE, and Key Stage 4&5 Post GCSE. Finalists will be invited to perform their speech at Conway Hall in front of a panel of judges and VIPs from the field of Japanese language education and Japan-UK relations, for the chance to win some fantastic prizes – including a trip to Japan!

Closing date for entries: Fri 24th March 2017
Finals Day: Sat 24th June 2017

Download the Application Pack below for more information, application forms and a poster that you can use to promote the contest within your school.

Date: 15 December 2016 - 24 March 2017
Download Nihongo Cup 2017- Application Pack

Nihongo Cup is organised by the Association for Language Learning (ALL) and the Japan Foundation London.

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Marugoto Japanese Language & Culture Course (A1 Beginner Stage 2 Level) | TERM 2   org

Term 2 of the Marugoto Japanese Language & Culture Course (A1 Stage 2 Level) is now open for enrolment!  

This course is based on communicative approaches to learning, rather than traditional methods of language education that focus purely on grammar and sentence structure. It uses the Marugoto Coursebooks for Activities textbook series published by the Japan Foundation.

This course is suitable for those who may wish to learn basic Japanese conversation, such as those going to Japan on holiday or for business purposes, or those who want to learn it just for fun! You can view the course syllabus here.

The aim of this course is to use Japanese language skills to get to know people, order in Japanese restaurants and gain knowledge about Japanese customs. During the course, participants will be able to perform specific, practical tasks in Japanese. The course will not focus on language alone: learning about Japanese culture will also be an important element. More details of the course can be found here.

This course is perfect for beginners of Japanese who would like to use their new language skills in practical situations, and to really connect with Japanese society.

Term 2 Dates: 17 Jan 2017 - 21 Mar 2017 (every Tuesday), 19:00 - 21:00

 Course Fee: £330 per ten-week term, including course textbook and materials

HOW TO ENROL: Email to arrange assessments

Date: 17 January 2017 - 21 March 2017 from 7.00pm to 9.00pm

SOAS Language Centre, 22 Russell Square, London. WC1H 0XG

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