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Introduction to Flipped Learning for GCSE-level Japanese with Anne Rajakumar

Forty teachers learned how to successfully combine technology with innovative teaching methods on October 29th 2014, at the Introduction to Flipped Learning for GCSE-level Japanese seminar held by Anne Rajakumar at the Japan Foundation London.

Head of Japanese at Hockerill Anglo-European College, Anne-sensei has used the Japan Foundation’s Japanese Language Local Project Support Programme funding to create a series of short video tutorials which she uses in conjunction with her self-created workbooks, “Everything you ever wanted to know about the GCSE-level Japanese course.” These videos are used to teach Japanese via the “flipped learning” method:  Students learn vocabulary and grammatical patterns prior to using them in class through the videos, and can also consolidate their learning by watching the video after the relevant lesson. It is even possible for students to complete the Japanese GCSE course online if there is no specialist Japanese teacher available thanks to the videos.

In her presentation, Anne-sensei not only introduced her own videos and resources, but also explained how teachers can create their own multimedia resources for “flipped learning” and advised them on how best to use them with the students. She also demonstrated how effective the new “flipped learning” method has proved at her school, including video feedback from the students themselves.

Due to popular demand, Anne-sensei has created a website where her resources, including the videos, can be accessed for free:

Anne-sensei’s presentation was followed by introductions to other resources and support services available through the Japan Foundation, including the new JFL Japanese Scheme of Work for primary schools and  Japanese Taster Lesson Resource Activity Pack.

The seminar was well-received by all participants. Some of the comments made by participants at the end of the seminar include:

「わかりやすい説明で助かりました。」 (“The presentation was easy to understand and a great help”)

“Anne sensei’s generosity always impresses me & puts me to shame as I am not doing much”

Flipped learningGCSEだけではなく、他でも使いやすいと思います。勉強になりました。ありがとうございました。」
(“I think ‘flipped learning’ would be easy to apply to any teaching, not just for GCSE. Really useful – thank you very much!”)

We would like to thank Anne Rajakumar for giving such an inspiring presentation, as well as the staff and students of Hockerill Anglo-European School for supporting her activities, and of course all the participants who came to the Japan Foundation London for this event.