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Japanese Taster Lesson Sample Activity Pack

Taster Pack

This resource created by the Japan Foundation London, this Taster Pack is designed for teachers and JTS Programme volunteers looking for ideas for teaching one-off sessions in Japanese. It’s packed full of fun games, activities and lesson ideas for introducing basic Japanese language and culture for primary and secondary school pupils.

How to Download: Click the title of each Section to download the relevant files. Files include Word, PDF, PowerPoint, video clips and audio files.

Please note: This resource is still in its draft phase. Updates will be made periodically

If you encounter any technical issues using these resources, or wish to give any other feedback, please contact and let us know.

Introductions and Forewords

Please note: At present this section is only available in Japanese.

Section Content
Front Cover, foreword, information for users, contents
Front JTS Programme Outline for Members JTS Outlines for Schools and Volunteers
Information on English Schools Information on English Schools
Introduction: Let's Learn About Japan Sample PowerPoints for introducing Japan to Primary and Secondary pupils

Language Based Classroom Activities

Section Content
Language Activity 1 Japanese greetings and bowing. NOTE: This file contains video clips and is over 40MB in size. It may take some time to download.
Language Activity 2 Japanese numbers and games using numbers
Language Activity 3 Introduction to hiragana with games and songs
Language Activity 4 Body parts, directions and colours
Language Activity 5 Self-Introduction and bowing

Culture Based Classroom Activities

Section Content
Culture Activity 1 Tanabata
Culture Activity 2 Sports
Culture Activity 3 Christmas and New Year
Culture Activity 4 Fukuwarai, Setsubun and Hina-matsuri.
Culture Activity 5 Mother’s Day, Koi-nobori, janken and kabuto


Please note: At present this section is only available in Japanese.

Section Content
Acknowledgements Acknowledgements and copyright information
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