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Welcome to our database of Private Tutors of Japanese in the UK. Users can search for a tutor by clicking on the regions listed below. Tutors wishing to register their details on this database should submit a Private Japanese Tutor form. To allow us to keep our records as up to date as possible please inform us of any incorrect information or if any of your details change.

By default, tutors are listed according to the date they registered, with the newest tutors at the top.

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If you are looking to study Japanese but can’t find a suitable tutor near you, you may wish to check our Directory of establishments teaching Japanese. You may also consider using Minato, our e-learning platform in which you can take free self-study courses in Japanese, or tutor supported courses.

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Name: Ken Yoneno
Location: At my home in Central London (walking distance from Baker Street Station) or online via Skype.
Email: kenyoneno2017[ at ]
Levels: Advanced learners (JLPT N2 and above). I particularly welcome those who wish to improve their spoken and written Japanese, either for personal or professional development.
I am a bilingual speaker of English and Japanese (both native) based in Marylebone, London. I hold a master's degree in British studies from the University of Tokyo and another in linguistics from the University of Oxford. I passed the JLPT N1 when I was 13, so I have first-hand experience of what it is like to study for the JLPT. I have been teaching Japanese to advanced learners for several years, and I look forward to meeting many motivated learners through this platform. I have a Tokyo-based (i.e., "standard") accent in Japanese.


Name: MinjeongLee
Location: London
Email: minmin9972[ at ]
Phone: 07587 466782
Levels: From beginner to intermidate.
I have a Japanese certificate (新) JLPT, N1 and Japanese teaching experience for 4 years.


Name: Makoto Kinoshita
Location: Crowborough, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge
Email: JpTeachMkin[ at ]
Phone: 07751806378
Levels: any kind of learner, from the beginner seeking survival Japanese to those at a highly advanced level.

Japanese Teaching Diploma awarded following 456hours course at Alpha Kokusai Gakuin in Tokyo, Japan.My teaching experience spans more than 40 years – initially as a junior and senior high school tutor of English and Japanese in Japan. More recently I have taught Japanese to my family members, who are now bilingual, to diplomatic spouses and partners and, since formally qualifying, to adult learners of Japanese.


Name: Rie Saito
Location: Richmond, Twickenham, Kew, South West London
Email: riesaito.teacher[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to Intermediate level .

Foreign Language Teacher Training Course at EJEF Study Centre in 2017/2018. Worked as a tutor for British employees at Marubeni, Mitsui and Simitomo between 2018-2020. Currently working as a tutor at London School of English, and as a teacher at Chelsea Kodomo no Hiroba. I also teach 3 students privately. 


Name: Misumi Machida
Location: Online, Central & North London
Email: missyjapanese.ldn[ at ]
Levels: JLPT N5 - N2 Beginners to upper intermediate. I will arrange your lessons for your interests and target.

I have a year of experience teaching Japanese. I taught about 10+ students from N5 to N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). I basically teach using the preparation text, but I also explain its origins to further deepen understanding. I'm a native Japanese engineer working in London. I had worked as a plant engineer in Japan for over 10 years. When I first arrived in London, I had a hard time communicating in English as a professional. Also I taught Japanese to fellow engineers from all over the world to make them feel at home and more confident at work when I was in Japan. From those experiences, I understand the importance of supports on your second language to improve your competence in your profession. It would be my pleasure if I could help anyone who are interested in learning & improving Japanese.


Name: Maiko Kudo
Location: Online and City of London
Email: myjapaneseteacherlondon[ at ]
Levels: I am able to cover all age groups from beginner to advanced level and will tailor the lessons depending on your needs. The short courses for the traveling, business trip are available too.

I am a native Japanese speaker and qualified teacher with more than 10 years of experience in teaching Japanese. I live in London, UK. I always have one goal in mind; my students the best, most rewarding learning experience of the Japanese language. I use a variety of teaching materials to make the classes more fun. I also blend the contents with information about Japanese culture as these two are deeply interconnected. I believe the class should be enjoyable and interesting. I am here to help Japanese language students achieve their goals through making all activities interesting and enjoyable. Please check my website -


Name: Yichen Yang
Location: Central London
Email:[ at ]
Phone: available upon request
Levels: beginner to business

I started learning Japanese as my second language from age 11 and passed JLPT exam at full score (180/180) at age 16. I majored in East Asia Studies with a focus on Japan in undergrad and grad school and I studied in Japan. I taught beginner level Japanese at University of Michigan- Ann Arbor during my Masters program. Since graduation, I have been working in the finance industry in a Japanese client-facing role and used business Japan (Keigo) daily. My accent is standard Tokyo accent (hyojyungo) and most clients assume I am a native speaker. I believe my experience of acquiring Japanese as a second language will benefit you as a learner. I can customize the tutoring session based on your needs, be it casual conversation, JLPT prep, or Japanese business email writing. Please feel free to email me for further discussion. Thank you


Name: Mai Oyama
Location: Inner North London
Email: orionstars03-staddress[ at ]
Levels: Intermediate or advanced learners are preferable, but any level of learners are welcome.

Recent Ph.D. award in Applied Linguistics. My research topic was pragmatic development in foreign language learning. I investigated how learners could learn and improve their sense of politeness, such as making a request appropriately in a given context. Learning a language requires learning the culture where the language is spoken. Considering how people in Japan generally attach importance to being polite or formal in public, it is important for the learners of Japanese to understand such culture as well. I believe utilising the knowledge acquired through my Ph.D. study into teaching will be beneficial to the learners of Japanese.


Name: Maho Irie
Location: Willing to travel within Zone 1 & 2
Phone: 07823465100
Levels: Material based on Genki textbook, daily conversation practice

I’ve taught privately in Toronto, Canada since 2020 both online and in-person. I’ve acquired my clients through words of mouth and am confident in providing tutoring service with care.


Name: Ahsan Riaz
Location: Online
Email: ahsanriaz117[ at ]
Levels: Basic Japanese for beginners , Basic Japanese for professional, JLPT N5, JLPT N4, Basic Japanese for Kids, Fast Track Japanese Course

I am teaching Japanese to learners online since 2020, have given more that 300 lessons with 5-Star rating from my students. I am JLPT N3 Certified and already teaching for JLPT N5 and JLPT N4 students. With excellent grip on Japanese Language, I am also equipped with great teaching skills which help my students achieving their learning goals swiftly and in comfortable way. My English pronunciation is also clear so learners can learn better with me. 


Name: Ayaka Uchida
Location: Westminster
Email: ayaka911.u[ at ]
Phone: 07554339357
Levels: any level

Completed all the requirements of the Japanese Language Teacher Training Course (420 hours above.)(Nov/2022)

Yushin seminar 2022/08-2023/01
Nihon GO! London Fonder 2023/08-Current


Name: Dr Pinar Saygiver
Location: London and Online
Email: pinarefeuk[ at ]
Phone: 7340 677447
Levels: All levels

I am an Assistant Professor Dr. who teaches Japanese as a foreign language. I obtained my MBA from Naruto University and my PhD degree from Hiroshima University in Japanese language and teaching. I am holding JLPT 1. I have over 15 years of Japanese teaching experience. I teach from the beginner level to the advanced level. I look forward to hearing from you.


Name: Yoshiharu Kosaka
Location: Online lessons
Email: ykosaka[ at ]
Levels: As a Japanese language teacher, I offer online lessons to both children and adults. My teaching style is tailored to the needs of each individual student. For children, I use flashcards and incorporate conversational Japanese into Manga to make the lesson

Teaching Japanese children over 10 years. 


Name: Harada-Parr Yuka
Location: East of England;East Midlands;London;North East England;North West England;South East England;South West England;West Midlands;Yorkshire & The Humber;Scotland;N. Ireland;Wales. For in-person teaching will be limited in East midlands and London
Email: info[ at ]
Phone: 7305839362
Levels: From beginner, GCSE, A-level and JLPTN1~N5

Over 15 years experience teaching Japanese language and culture in the UK across all settings. Yuka has taught Japanese to primary school age groups to adult learners, across the private and public education sector. Yuka believes in Learner-centred teaching focusing on inclusive and diverse lesson plans to accommodate for all. Graduated with an MA in Translation Studies from SOAS, achieving the highest standard in both translation and interpreting. 


Name: Anne Rajakumar
Location: South London & online lessons
Email: japaneseforschools[ at ]
Levels: I currently run online classes working to prepare students for the Japanese GCSE exams, and from September 2023 I will be starting a new A-Level programme. In addition, I support students working towards their IB Japanese qualifications.

I have more than thirty years experience teaching Japanese to all age groups, but specialise in preparing or supporting students working towards their GCSE and International Baccalaureate Japanese qualifications.


Name: Erina Yamamoto
Location: Online only
Email: erina[ at ]
Phone: 7579785068
Levels: From 0 knowledge, Beginner, Conversation, JLPT N4, JLPT N5

I've been teaching Japanese for 6 years to beginners and lower intermediate students (JLPT N5 to N4). I regularly tutor both teen and adult learners via online Skype lessons. I mainly use a text book called Genki in my lessons, which covers reading, writing, speaking and listening. All of my lessons are planned around the individual learner in order to give them the best start on their Japanese journey. Some learners retain information best through a conversational approach, mixed with learning the grammar basics. For others, it may be more fun and beneficial to learn some textbook Japanese with a side of examples from Japanese movies, anime and songs you like! I have experience teaching all kinds students and conditions such as dyslexia or autism are no barrier to learning Japanese! 


The first lesson is 50% off, do not hesitate to contact me.


If you would like to find out more, 

Please check my website


In this website, there is a study tips page that will tell you an all in one guide for those with no knowledge of Japanese looking to get to an elementary understanding of the language and beyond! 



Name: Yui Washizu
Location: Bethnal Green
Email: yuiwashizu1[ at ]
Phone: 7554411434.00
Levels: Absolutely Beginner to Advance/ JLPT N1-N5/A1-C2

the 420 hours Advanced Skills of Teaching Japanese Language Course(Sydney, Australia)

Master of Education (California, USA) /Bachelor of Primary Education(Gifu, Japan) /Bachelor of PDHPE Education (Gifu, Japan) Secondary Levels/Bachelor of English Education (Gifu, Japan) Secondary Levels/Certificate of attendance(International Baccalaureate Workshop)Making the PYP happen: Implementing agency, PYP(Melbourne, Australia)/Certificate of attendance(IB Workshop)Interdisciplinary teaching and learning in the MYP, MYP (Yokohama, Japan)/Certificate of attendance(IB Workshop)Evidencing Learning, PYP (Singapore)/Diploma of Business (Melbourne, Australia)/WWCC(Paid Teaching, Australia, NSW, and VIC)/ASCIA(Sydney, Australia)



Name: Alicia Ebisawa
Location: London
Email: enquiries.tadaimajapanese[ at ]
Phone: +447557763218
Levels: Beginner, Japanese GCSE, Japanese A-Level, Conversation, JLPT Exams, DofE Skills, Japanese Bachelor's degree

4 years of Japanese tutoring experience working with over 45 students including beginners, uni students, kids and mature students. I have also accommodated many students with learning needs, such as ADHD, autism and dyslexia. I can differentiate myself from most Japanese tutors since I took GCSE and A-Level Japanese exams in the past obtaining A*s in both. I have a strong academic foundation in languages and communication. I have a Bachelor's Degree in French and Spanish from UCL and a Master's in Media, Communications and Development from LSE. I am proud to state that I have achieved 100% student satisfaction by all the students.

Please feel free to drop me a line to enquire about lessons!

Please also take a look at my website: 


Name: Dr Mariko Husaka
Location: Central/north London
Email: tanoshikujp 721 [ a t ]
Levels: Any levels welcome, from complete beginner to advanced/professional. Business Keigo. JLPT. Helped many PhD students/academics with academic materials and academic writing.

Professional, passionate and friendly native teacher based in North/Central London. I have been teaching mainly online since covid but I may be able to travel upon request, depending on the location. I take a completely individualistic approach to each student, catering to your current level, needs, goals and so on. Teaching materials are made just for you. I use a wide range of source materials, including various textbooks, literature, manga, films, social media, etc. If you prefer, we can also work with a standard textbook of your choice. I absolutely love teaching Japanese and my passion is to provide truly interactive, meaningful and helpful lessons for each of my students. I also believe that learning languages needs to be fun to be most effective! I have completed the 420 Hours Training Course and am certified in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language. I hold a PhD from UCL in public international law and an MA/BA in the same field from a university in Tokyo. Please feel free to drop me a line to enquire about lessons!


Name: Hisako
Location: Online Lessons
Email: fun.japanese[ at ]
Levels: All levels

I completed a 420 hours Japanese language teaher training and have mainor degree in Japanese language and literature. I've been teaching Japanese for over 10 years. 

I will create lessons based on your learning goals. You can learn at your own preferred pace.


Name: Jessica Peet
Location: I tutor exclusively online, using original online textbooks and multimedia materials, so I can offer lessons to students anywhere in the world.
Email: jessica.peet[ at ]
Levels: I tutor all levels from beginner to university standard Japanese. I specialise in beginners' and GCSE level Japanese, for which I have written original textbooks to support my students.

JLPT Level 1, BA / MACantab Japanese First-class (University of Cambridge), LRAM Teaching Qualification (Royal Academy of Music), 10 years' experience as a private tutor.


Name: Anna Trzaska
Location: Battersea, Clapham, Wandsworth, Chelsea, Fulham, Kensington
Email: anna.japanesetutor[ at ]
Levels: Beginner level to Intermediate Level (A1~ B2)

I am an enthusiastic and experienced Japanese tutor. Ever since I obtained my Masters degree in Japanese Studies in 2010 I have been teaching at the university (graduate and postgraduate level), at Japanese language school and giving private lessons both online and in-person. My lessons are designed in accordance with the newest standards (JF standard, CEFR) and most up-to-date, attractive and fun learning materials. As a tutor I often choose the communicative approach engaging my students in various communicative activities and practical tasks. During my teaching career I completed numerous professional courses including scholarships in Japan (2006, 2009) and study programs for language teachers in the JF Japanese Language Institute in Urawa, Japan (2014, 2019).


Name: Sukyi Chan
Location: Essex
Email: sukyichanuk[ at ]
Levels: All levels

I have a M.A in Japanese Language and Teaching and a Degree in Japanese Sudies. I have been teaching Japanese for different institutions for over 15 years, including Hong Kong Nihongo Kouza, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, JAL Japanese Training course, secondary schools. I also have over 12 years experience in teaching the Cambridge International AS Level Japanese Language (8281) with outstanding results (70% A grade, 100% D grade or above). Lessons will be held online in Japanese with support of English Cantonese or Chinese if necessary. Please feel free to contact me for further details. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Name: Yuri Koizumi
Location: Online (Skype, Zoom)
Email: lilykoi.japanese[ at ]
Levels: All levels

I studied the teaching of Japanese as a foreign language at university and then trained as a Japanese language teacher at an independent Japanese language school in Japan. I have experience of teaching at a Japanese language school in Japan and London and I have been working exclusively as a private tutor since 2018. I can also help with your preparations for JLPT.


Name: Yukiko
Location: London/Online Lessons
Email: info[ at ]
Levels: All levels and ages are welcome! From complete beginner to advanced level, including business Japanese.

Both one-to-one and groups, online or in-parson lessons are available. Lessons are customised to accommodate your particular needs, requests and objectives. Personalised handouts are provided. 

For further information, please visit OR feel free to email me if you have any questions or wish to take a trial lesson. 


Name: Yuka Sanchezrayo
Location: London
Email: no2yuka4851[ at ]
Levels: All levels.Face to face and online.

I'm a native Japanese speaker from Japan.

I got a Japanese teacher certificate.

I studied 480H for certificate at Ark academy Japanese school.

I’m into Music, Art, Film, and Travel.

I used to live in Tokyo,so i can have a japanese travel advice.

you can learn Japanese culture too.


Name: Angie Chow
Location: SW london, central london
Email: anginaching[ at ]
Phone: 07751026733
Levels: N2-5, and also tailoring classes if necessary

I graduated from SOAS with first in BA Japanese and Korean in 2018, Merit in MA Japanese Studies in 2020, and working part-time whilst having my year abroad in Waseda University, Tokyo. I have passed N1 and completed '420 hour Japanese teacher training course'. I have experience teaching in a primary school from year 1 to 6 in Hong Kong as a supply teacher where I mainly taught grammar about also various fields of Japanese culture, from Heian Japan to recycling rubbish in Japan - my students really enjoyed the lessons. I have also been a volunteer translator for International Federation of Aromatherapists since April 2020 where I translate their articles from English to Japanese. I was also a live interpreter at a law firm in Hong Kong where I interpret business meetings in Japanese/ English.


Name: Nakamura Yuki
Location: Nothing Hill, Holland Park, High Street Kensington area
Email: puccichan[ at ]
Phone: 07380858129
Levels: beginning, conversational and writing.

I have completed a master degree in fine arts in the US and taught students from primary school, high school to college.


Name: Katarzyna Mizerska
Location: East and North London (Hackney, Hackney Wick, Stratford, Dalston, Islington, Finsbury Park, Covent Garden)
Email: katarzyna.alicja55[ at ]
Phone: 7762355027
Levels: I teach Japanese from N5 to N3 (beginners up to intermediate). I have multiple experience teaching Japanese for students of different ages and purposes.

Hello, my name is Kasia and I am an international and enthusiastic language teacher. I hold BA in Far East Asian Studies with Japanese language including student's exchange at Kyoto University and work experience in Japan. I passed exam JLPT N3 in 2019. Since March 2020 I actively teach students privately, both online and face to face. I deliver tailored material to each individual and I also prepare for the proficiency exams JLPT N5 - N3. I also have experience working as a GCSE examiner. I provide wide explanation of Japanese culture and etiquette. I work and I enjoy teaching younger students as well as adults. Welcome!


Name: Man Sim, Leung
Location: Bracknell, or online teaching
Email: cadenceleungms[ at ]
Phone: 7599827032
Levels: N3-N5

I am holding JLPT N1, Associate Degree of Applied Japanese in university in Hong Kong, and Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) of Asian and International Studies in university in Hong Kong. I have been teaching Japanese about 7 years, including private and class lessons. I teach private and also experience in teaching in Japanese language school in Hong Kong. I am now teaching Japanese online in the UK. Moreover, I completed a Japanese teacher training online course provided by ARC Academy, which is a Japanese education institution in Japan. I am going to join the Japanese teaching internship in this institution in Japan after COVID-19.


Name: Nadia Ali
Location: Camden
Email: nadia.ali4[ at ]
Levels: I can tutor beginners Japanese up until Advanced.

Hi! My name is Nadia Ali and Japanese graduate from the University of East Anglia. Before studying Japanese as a degree I received an A* at GCSE and an A at A-level. I have also lived in Japan for a year studying at the prestigious Gakushuin university.


Name: Issei Hosoi
Location: London / Online teaching
Email: isseihsi[ at ]
Phone: 447840232059
Levels: Beginner - Intermediate

Teaching Qualification in Japan (MA from Naruto University of Education, Japan). 3 years of teaching experience in Japanese schools. I taught English so I know how hard learning a foreign language is. I have TESOL qualification so I can effectively explain grammar system in both English and Japanese. Japanese is my mother tongue and I can teach both Keigo and dialect.


Name: Hayato Takahashi
Location: London
Email: HayatoJapanese111[ at ]
Levels: All levels

I am a native Japanese speaker. I have a masters degree in Sociology from Goldsmiths, University of London, and currently working on my PhD degree in Cultural Studies at the same institution. As a freelance Japanese teacher, I teach from the beginner level to the advanced level. I have a rich experience as a translator from English to Japanese, specialised in art and culture. I like teaching friendly. Looking forward to hearing from you!



Name: Momo Aono
Location: East London
Email: momonooa03[ at ]
Phone: 7365887168
Levels: Primary/ GCSE / Adult learner

Completed all the requirements of Japanese Language Teacher Training Course (420 hours above.)/ have teaching experience at language school for 2years



Name: Afsha Dalvi
Location: North London, Central London
Email: afshadalvi[ at ]
Levels: Mostly have experience teaching children and beginners but I am open to teaching adults too, dependent on your level, just drop me a message :)

Just graduated from SOAS with a degree in Japanese, achieved an A at a-level, and an A* at GCSE. I spent a year in Japan studying, and have been travelling there on multiple occasions so have an understanding of the culture as well as the language. I am looking to tutor online only but depending on location would be willing to meet in person.



Name: Susanna Zema
Location: North-West London
Email: susanna.zema[ at ]
Levels: Beginners

I have a Master's degree in Asia and Japanese language and culture and the JLPT N2 qualification. Furthermore I lived and studied in Tokyo for 1 year at Tokyo University and I am currently working for a Japanese company.



Name: Megumi Black
Location: Online
Email: mbjlt[ at ]
Levels: Any
Post graduate Japanese as a Foreign language, BA(Hons) Interior Design, Kingston University


Name: Tomo Kiga
Location: London (Online lessons are also available regardless of the location)
Email: anne.489123[ at ]
Levels: All levels—from complete beginners to advanced speakers including JLPT practice

I'm a native Japanese speaker and experienced (10+ years) Japanese tutor. I'm currently pursuing my postgraduate degree in Education at UCL. It has always been my pleasure to see my student thriving in learning the language! When it comes to learning a language, I believe correct grammatical understanding and the amount of output are equally important. I therefore focus on both grammar and speaking/writing practice during my lesson for the best results. I adopt the best teaching method and materials according to each student's needs and make sure that their learning experience is fun and effective. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Name: Euan Davidson
Location: North London/Online
Email: euandavidson1987[ at ]
Levels: Beginner (JLPT N5/N4)

Experienced Japanese tutor (and qualified teacher of English as a foreign language). I spent a year living in Kyoto and attending a Japanese language school, and I passed the JLPT at N2 level last year. I have a strong linguistic background and an exceptional grasp of grammar and syntax, which enable me to give clearer explanations in English than native Japanese speakers are capable of. I also understand which areas of the language are most problematic for learners, because I was one!


Name: Kiko Kawashima
Location: London
Email: kktay1313[ at ]
Phone: 7522838128
Levels: From beginner to advanced
Details: Two years for teaching experience


Name: Dr Rosie Fielding
Location: Online, London, Bolton, Manchester
Email: rosie.j.fielding[ at ]
Levels: From absolute beginners to advanced levels including GCSE, A Levels, degree and business Japanese
Details: I have taught in Tokyo, Paris and the UK for over three years, with students of all ages and levels. I have a degree from the University of Manchester and a PhD in theatre from the University of Birmingham, during which time I was a visiting research fellow at Waseda University.


Name: Kenta Akasaki
Location: London city center
Email: akenta0720[ at ]
Levels: From beginner to advance level
Details: Hello, I am Japanese having Japanese lesson in person based on London city center (Shoreditch area or within 1 mile). I have had teaching experience more than a year for beginner level to advance level. The rate depends on levels and subject. Please feel free to email me about lesson detail. Let’s enjoy studying Japanese together;)


Name: Natalia Zatorska
Location: South London, Vauxhall
Email: nzatorska7[ at ]
Phone: +44 7429556134
Levels: From beginner to intermediate level
Details: Completing 2nd year of MA degree from Japanese Intensive Language at SOAS. I have experience in teaching Japanese children in London. Further, I have completed the summer course at Kyoto University and currently continuing studying Japanese on an advanced level. As speaking three languages I have a keen interest in linguistics and cognitive science.


Name: Yekta Eren
Location: Central and North West London
Email: yektaeren.mtk[ at ]
Phone: 07766377436
Levels: Primary, KS3, IB, GCSE, A-Level
Details: I am a professional, experienced Japanese teacher and translator with a bachelor degree in Japanese Education. I build a personalized teaching plan for every and each student to give the most effective and efficient learning opportunity that meets the needs of the students from all levels and ages.


Name: Rie Motoki-Seguin
Location: London zone 1-2
Email: citrusjunoslondon[ at ]
Phone: 079 3073 0684 
Levels: Complete beginner to Advanced level, Teaching both one to one and in groups, I can help people to learn and share my enthusiasm for Japanese language and culture.

2002-2003 Japanese teacher’s training course at Sendagaya Japanese Institute Tokyo, Japan,2004-2005 Japanese Teacher’s Trainig course at SOAS university of LONDON, 2003-present Japanese Teacher in various institutions in Japan and U.K ( Sendagaya Japanese School, Temple University, Berlitz London and Tokyo, UIC, St Michael Catholique School, Simon and Simon, London Languages, Japanese


Name: Marina Yamanouchi
Location: Camden Town
Email: marina.yamanouchi[ at ]
Phone: 0743-270-1808
Levels: Absolute beginner to advanced
Details: Japanese-American Masters Student at Imperial College London, native in both languages with over 5 years of experience. Specialize in beginner-level Japanese.My lessons emphasize conversation-based learning so that students can not only speak, but sound native. My aim is for students to be able to kick start their Japanese learning journey as fast and effective as possible, so I focus on situation based learning through repetition, expansion, transformation and response-based methods. I am able to guide students with zero knowledge of Japanese to achieve basic fluency within a year.


Name: Daisy Savage
Location: Online
Email: learnjapanesewithdaisy[ at ]
Levels: Up to A level

Daisy specialised in Japanese Art History at St Andrews University before completing a Master of Arts in Japanese Language and Culture at London SOAS University, where she gained over 90 percent in all Japanese exams. She has researched Japanese film, literature, music, theatre and much more...She has travelled extensively in Japan including two trips to the remote islands of Okinawa Prefecture. With Daisy you can: Improve your Japanese with the proven ten minute method; Ask me questions at any time; Learn an authentic Japanese accent; Understand the nuances of writing kanji; Gain precise feedback on handwriting; Learn to speak in a realistic setting; Begin to understand Japanese dramas ...and much more!


Name: Nadia Ali
Location: Camden/Swiss Cottage/Golders Green/Hampstead
Email: nadia.ali4[ at ]
Phone: 07534093384
Levels: Beginner/ Intermediate level Japanese
Details: Currently doing a BA in Modern Languages (Japanese). A* in GCSE Japanese and A at A level. I have just returned from a year abroad in Japan and I am currently at N3 Level. Previous experience of teaching Japanese to both adults and students. As well as experience in teaching English in Japan.


Name: Kaoru Hayakawa
Location: Teddington, Richmond, Twickenham
Email: lrkaoruhayakawa[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to Intermediate
Details: Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language - London College of Education, Graduate School IIEL (Institute of International Education in London)


Name: Mrs Kana Brtnik
Location: Central London
Email: sakura.j.lessons[ at ]
Levels: From Complete beginner to Advanced student. ( Right now, I am not teaching for kids. Only Adult learners)
Details: Certificate in the Advanced Skills of Japanese (420h) in Tokyo , Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Japanese of IIEL in London. Have been engaged in teaching over 10 years, as a professional teacher for 5 years in Paris, Amsterdam and London.


Name: Miss Moneeba Mahmood
Location: West London
Email: moneeba266[ at ]
Levels: Basic to elementary.
Details: Several years living, studying and working as a researcher in Japan.


Name: Ms Sara Falchi
Location: Any zone in London
Email: tuff_gong31[ at ]
Phone: 07566819142
Levels: beginner, intermediate.
Details: I have graduated from Ca' Foscari University, Venice, in Japanese Language and Culture and I lived 18 years in Tokyo. I have a long experience in teaching, translating and interpreting from Japanese to Italian.


Name: Ms Misa Shimazaki
Location: London, Central London
Email: shimazakimisa[ at ]
Phone: 7534043682
Levels: Young Learners, Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate.
Details: Work in language school as an assistant, sales and marketing.


Name: Maiko Takahashi
Location: City of London, Zone 1-2 / online
Email: staroftown[ at ]
Levels: Any levels and age: from beginners to advanced.

Certificate in teaching Japanese language as foreign language. My lessons should be customised to meet your interests and goals. Over 10 years teaching experience in private for all levels and all ages. Adults and children are all welcome :) Let’s learn Japanese together. 



Name: Miss Dorothy Lex
Location: Online
Email: dorothydlex[ at ]
Levels: GCSE, A level - I have extensive experience with the UK specifications, and my lesson plans and sets of resources are tailored specifically to the new Edexcel syllabus, 2018-19. All my past GCSE students whom I taught from complete zero achieved an A* wit
Details: BA Japanese. JLPT N1.


Name: Mrs Eri Hashimoto
Location: London
Email: cpe_hydrangea[at]
Levels: All levels
Details: ・MA in Waseda university, Japanese Applied Linguistics ・10 years of experience, 6 years in Singapore, 4 years at universities in Japan


Name: Ms Aya Okada
Location: London, Essex
Email: aya30ao[ at ]
Levels: All levels, Business Japanese
Details: Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language from IIEL (Institute of International Education in London). MA in Architecture and Interior design. I am a professional Japanese architect and teaching Japanese in part-time. I can provide lessons for all levels including business Japanese.


Name: Maaya Marujo
Location: Dulwich, Lambeth, Southwalk (Online lesson available)
Email: maayathebee[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to Intermediate

BA in literature at Atomi University Department of literature, Aesthetic and History of art. Participated in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language Course at Institute of International Education in London.


Name: Mr Thomas Murray
Location: Online only (all areas)
Email: murraytranslate8[ at ]
Phone: 48883542587
Levels: All levels
Details: I am a very experienced private Japanese tutor, originally from the UK. I lived in Japan for 8 years in total, and have been teaching Japanese for three years. I have passed the highest level of JLPT proficiency exam, and translation exams also.I can only teach online to students at the moment, but this is an effective medium for teaching Japanese, using a combination of speaking, typing and online resources. My method is very effective for beginners especially,as I teach hiragana and katakana, and also the most basic and useful phrases very quickly.Can focus on any student weakness, could be grammar, pronunciation, tips to improve higher level reading etc.


Name: Mayumi Y Joseph
Location: Lessons online over Skype (East of England, East Midlands, London, North East England, North West England, South East England, South West England, West Midlands, Yorkshire & The Humber, Scotland, N. Ireland, Wales)
Email: myonlinejapaneseteacher [at]
Levels: All levels
Details: In 2002, I completed a course on TJFL (Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language). Since then, I have been teaching Japanese on a private basis. I'm based in London and provide online lessons using Skype. Please check my website for more information on *I am DBS (The Disclosure and Barring Service) checked.


Name: Yasuko Okamoto
Location: only via Skype on weekend
Email: okamoto.yasuko[ at ]
Levels: Biginners to advanced
Details: BA in Education Niigata University, Certified Teacher by Ministry of Education in Japan, MA in TESOL, Columbia University, MBA City University of NY; Taught Japanese/English in Secondary Schools in Japan, Lecturer City University of NY, Teaching Assistant Columbia University, Experienced private tutor from secondary school students to adults, cross-cultural training for business executives


Name: Alex Hiroki Coles
Location: Kentish Town, Camden
Email: alexcoles06[ at ]
Phone: 7484100756
Levels: Can teach to gcse, a level and adult levels.
Details: BA hons, 3 years experience tutoring one to one.


Name: Sara Dalvi
Location: North London and central London, although I am willing to travel further depending on your location. Please note I only meet on public and not private spaces.
Email: saradalvi93[ at ]
Levels: Beginner
Details: I have an A* in GCSE Japanese, and have lived in Japan for a year. I can provide lessons for beginners including reading, writing, listening and conversational Japanese. I am also able to provide information for anyone preparing to move to Japan and wanting to know more about life in Japan and Japanese culture and customs.


Name: Marybeth Herron
Location: London Zone 1-2
Email: beginnersjap[ at ]
Levels: Currently tutoring beginners Japanese and A levels / grinds for beginners in university.
Details: 6 years of Japanese study including Irish Leaving Certificate (achieved A1) and a Japanese Translation degree (2.1) from Dublin City University. Spent one year living in Kyoto, Japan studying in Kyoto Gaidai and working in an English Cram school and Japanese Restaurant and Bar.


Name: Adele Lean
Location: SE London
Email: adelelean[ at ]
Phone: 07771894297
Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Details: TEFL diploma x 2 (U.K) Journalism diploma. I taught English to Iranian students at Shoukou College of English, Tehran, Iran 1995-1998 and also taught private students. I have taught individual private students since 1998 in the U.K. I currently teach English at iTutor Group online.


Name: Kenta Akasaki
Location: Battersea
Email: akenta0720[ at ]
Levels: Any level
Details: Postgraduate international students scholarship at Kingston university


Name: Riyoko Shibe
Location: Zones 1 and 2
Email: riyokonihongo[ at ]
Levels: Lower levels welcomed, from complete beginners to lower intermediate. Suited for those wanting to become comfortable in daily casual conversation, and those aiming to improve basic understanding and cultural nuances of the language.
Details: I am a native-level speaker of Japanese. I have undertaken intensive Japanese lessons in Tokyo and London in groups and privately for the past four years, so I have a very thorough understanding of the needs of beginner language learners. I also have extensive experience teaching people of all ages, I have supported students with their Japanese studies offering proof reading of work and guidance for examinations, kanji and grammar tests.


Name: Kazuo Udagawa Mr
Location: London
Email: kazuo[ at ]
Phone: 0794 101 8017
Levels: Lessons: face to face, skype, Homepage. level: all levels including JLPT, businesss Japanese, edexcel exams
Details: since 1990


Name: Mutsumi Abe
Location: Edgware
Email: jteachermuts[ at ]
Phone: 07979735139
Levels: From child to Adult (子供から大人まで) From early education until advanced level For Leisure, Education (exam included), Business occasion and trip Skype lessons are available for long distance pupils

I am an experienced and well-qualified Japanese teacher for Japanese students studying the National Curriculum and for pupils learning Japanese as a foreign language. 

I am Japanese born in Niigata and educated in Yokohama and Tokyo in Japan. 

I have another carrier to choose from when I was young, but I decided to be a Japanese teacher because I loved Kanji characters and reading books. I was a bookworm ;) 

I have been teaching in Japanese schools in Japan and after moving to UK continued teaching for more than 10 years. 

While I was working in a Japanese secondary school, I felt the necessity to teach Japanese as a foreign language. I completed my teaching course as a Linguist and started to teach after moving to UK.  

My students are from 3 years old to 75 years old. 

I love teaching because I love to see pupils' smiles when they achieved something and it is such a great pleasure to see their enthusiasm for the Japanese language and culture and makes me feel that I want to help more to pull them to a good standard. 

I like playing Greek music, watching good movies including anime, reading nice books, cooking, eating out and travelling, basically, I love to enjoy my life and stay happy.



: Camden Nihongo Club


Name: Kanako Hayashi
Location: Central London
Email: nihongo.kanako[ at ]
Levels: From Complete Beginner to Advanced level. Casual, Academic, Business Japanese. From young to adult learners.
Details: Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Japanese as Foreign Language and BA in Intercultural Communication. Teaching experience for privateC and for classes at IMPEX(Australia), Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre(Australia), Imperial College London, Westminster Under School and teaching assistant at University of Sheffield, Japan Foundation(Japan).


Name: Akiko Ono
Location: Central London
Email: akikonono[ at ]
Levels: From complete beginner to Advanced
Details: Certificate in teaching Foreign Languages to adults. Over 1 year of teaching experience in Japan.


Name: Shoko
Location: South West
Email: chloecoco74[ at ]
Levels: Any level is welcome
Details: Volunteer level of teaching Japanese


Name: Mari Komaki
Location: London
Email: m.komaki[ at ]
Levels: I have experiences of teaching from a complete beginners to C2(native speaker's) level.
Details: Graduated from Doshisha University in Kyoto. Studied English Literature. I had Japanese Teacher training course at SOAS University language centre. Currently I am teaching diplomats at the Foreign and Common Wealth Office and at the large Japanese companies since 2008. I have an experience of teaching at the Institute Hampstead Garden Suburb


Name: Masaki Kanno
Location: South London
Email: miniko224[ at ]
Levels: All level. Beginner to advance, business and Japanese Exam.
Details: I’m a qualified Japanese teacher, over 15 years of Japanese teaching experience in the UK. I have taught for many companies such as Nomura, Sony, Paul Smith, HSBC and civil servants are The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and HM Treasury. I have also taught in Grammar school in West Yorkshire and adult education in London. I am able to offer tailor-made Japanese lessons for individuals needs to all level.


Name: Diana Luc
Location: camden, euston, london bridge, victoria, streatham, clapham, dulwich
Email: diana_luc[ at ]
Phone: 7551167347
Levels: Alevel GCSE Beginner
Details: Japanese Alevel A* Japanese GCSE A*


Name: Satoko Kataoka
Location: London and Glasgow
Email: inihongo[ at ]
Phone: 7986935425
Levels: From complete beginner to Advanced
Details: UCLE (University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate) April 1996-March 1997 Diploma in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language (450 hours) Institute of International Education in London, Regent’s College. Principal of i Japanese Language School (a private school in Oita, Japan) More than 200 students with levels varying from beginner to advanced, many of whom successfully obtained a JLPT qualification September 1999-March 2016 Teaching Japanese language to foreign students at Beppu University, Japan. April 2006-March 2016 Teaching Japanese language to foreign students at APU (Asia Pacific University), Beppu, Japan October 2013-July 2015 Teaching Japanese language to postgraduate students (beginner course) at APU April 2015-July 2015


Name: Kyohei Kitagawa
Location: London
Email: kyoheikg[ at ]
Levels: Any!
Details: I taught Japanese and English in Japan for three years. We can have conversation classes or JLPT lessons or ANYTHING as you like. Of course you can choose the lesson language, English or Japanese. I am a very friendly person, please feel free to contact me!


Name: Ami
Location: Central London
Email: Londonandtokyo[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to Advanced
Details: I am a qualified Japanese teacher to non native Japanese. I have been teaching Japanese for two years by face to face and online lessons. I mainly teach to adults. Also, I have a degrees of linguistics and English language.


Name: Takako Higgs
Location: Sussex
Email: takako18[ at ]
Phone: 07830266819
Levels: All level. Beginner to advance. GCSE, A Level, Business, Japanese Exam
Details: 16 years experience teaching Japanese for all level. From beginner to A level or Business. I am professional announcer. So my Japanese is very accurate like BBC English. I am Japanese calligraphy artist too. So In my lesson if student want to I can teach a lot of culture and arts as well as language.


Name: Janani Krishnan
Location: Anywhere in London
Email: jananikrishnan87[ at ]
Phone: +44 7404 52387
Levels: Levels N5 and N4 - JLPT
Details: JLPT N5 and N4 certified. Software engineer by profession, looking for a career change. Have an year's experience in working for's Japan region. Have been on a cultural exchange to Japan and currently pursuing N3 JLPT. Have private tutoring experience. I can provide all the required material for the basic and intermediate level.


Name: Toshiharu Araki
Location: Reading and surrounding towns
Email: japaneselessons[ at ]
Levels: All levels welcome, from complete beginner to advanced. JLPT preparation, Japanese for business, travel or hobby. Conversation, listening, reading and writing skills. Website:
Details: Over ten years experience teaching Japanese to many different nationalities and age groups. Native speaker, EIC qualified teacher of Japanese.


Name: Martina Baradel
Location: London
Email: martina.baradel[ at ]
Phone: 07821409105
Levels: Beginners to intermediate
Details: JLPT N2. BA Honours Japanese Language and Culture, MA Japanese Studies, currently doing a PhD in Japanese Society. Homestay in Tokyo (2009), Exchange program in Kochi (2010), worked in Shizuoka (2013-2015). Experience tutoring students for University exams.


Name: Jacopo Bortolussi
Location: City of London
Email: untaledonato[ at ]
Phone: 07542384357
Levels: Beginners and intermediates
Details: I am currently a PhD student in Japanese Studies at Birkbeck, University of London. I have obtained an MA in Japanese Cultural Studies at University of Leeds in 2012, and a BA in Japanese Language and Culture at Ca' Foscari, University of Venice in 2010. I have tutored students of Japanese for their University exams.


Name: Momoko Sato
Location: London
Email:[ at ]
Levels: University level of Japanese courses in speaking, writing, reading and listening
Details: I have tutored a number of adults in Vancouver . I helped them learn the basic reading/writing Japanese characters and basic conversation skills.


Name: Daisuke
Location: Greater London
Email: 630754[ at ]
Phone: 079 4624 4998
Levels: Specialization in Beginner and Intermediate.
Details: JLS - Chicago USA. Personal Japanese Language Instructor. 2007-2015 - Beginner & Intermediate Japanese language lessons - JLPT Preparation University of Illinois Chicago - USA. Teaching Associate. 2014-2015 - Beginner Japanese (high school level / grades 9th - 12th) - Research Writing (high school level / grades 9th - 12th)


Name: Krystian Wyskiel
Location: London
Email: kwyskiel92[ at ]
Levels: From Beginner to Upper Intermediate
Details: Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Level N1. Bachelor's Degree in Japanese Studies at Jagiellonian University. Completed the Japanese Studies Student Program Course at Doshisha University. One year working experience as a Japanese Tutor.


Name: Aleksandra Hordynska
Location: London
Email: ahordynska[ at ]
Levels: From Beginner to Upper Intermediate
Details: Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N2 One year of Japanese Tutor experience in Poland Bachelor's Degree in Japanese Studies Studied one year at Doshisha University, Kyoto, as an exchange student.


Name: Federico Boccellato
Location: London
Email: federico.boccellato[ at ]
Phone: 07874047739
Levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate
Details: - Aug 2012 Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N2 (JLPT) - Sept 2010 – Oct 2013 Master’s degree in Oriental Languages and Cultures Ca’Foscari University of Venice (First-class honours) - Sept 2005 – Dec 2009 Bachelor’s degree in Oriental Studies Sapienza Univesity of Rome (First-class honours) - Apr 2008 – Mar 2009 International Student Exchange Program Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS)


Name: Hirotada Ishijima
Location: Central London
Email: ryugunotukai.hiro88[ at ]
Levels: Everything
Details: I don't have a experience as Japanese teacher. But, I have a experience as an actor in Japan.


Name: Fumiko Mihara
Location: Islington, Camden
Email: fumiko.mihara[ at ]
Phone: 07722830555
Levels: All levels, fields and purpouses are welcome. Study includes exams (GCSE< JLPT 5-1), Current affairs, Magazine/Novels, Medical, Engineering, Law, Science, History, what ever you need!
Details: Certificate accredited by Cambridge University, at Institute of International Education in London. 10 years of experience in London. Tutoring for all age groups from teens to professionals who wish to learn and improve Japanese. Fun and relaxed ; )


Name: Janet Avis
Location: North London
Email: janetavis7[ at ]
Levels: Beginner Intermediate
Details: TEFL/TESOL 120 hour


Name: Shino Shirama
Location: anywhere in London
Email: info[ at ]
Phone: 07983979919
Levels: Any levels
Details: TESOL (MA) over 20 years teaching experience from 3 year old kids till adults


Name: Kanayo Doi
Location: London
Email: kanayo.doi[ at ]
Levels: Beginners and lower intermediate I am happy to teach casual daily Japanese conversation as well.
Details: I am a native Japanese speaker and I finished my BSc in one of imperial universities in Japan. Then, I am currently doing PhD at medical science at UCL. When I was in Japan, I used to tutor some of my non-Japanese friends privately when they brought questions in Japanese text books or in daily Japanese conversation. As I also have confidence on English, I can be your help and can guide you to understand Japanese language better.


Name: Mineko Arai
Location: Central London
Email: minekoa[ at ]
Phone: 079 6916 9501
Levels: Complete beginners, self-studied beginners, intermediate, advanced including business and diplomat levels. * Deep cultural understanding will be taught through the language learning.
Details: 10 years of teaching experience. Sheffiled University 2006-2009, King's College London 2009-present, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) 2011 & 2014 -present, and Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) 2013-present


Name: Yuki Goodman
Location: Central & NW London
Email: yuki.goodman[ at ]
Phone: 07980846503
Levels: All levels
Details: Fully qualified Japanese Language teacher, Cambridge Diploma, Diploma in Teaching Japanese as a Forign Language. Experienced in teaching proffesionals from Banking and Business environments and language students of all levels from beginers conversational up to diploma.


Name: Chris Ward
Location: West/South West London
Email: cloud_1[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to intermediate
Details: Studied Japanese language and culture at Yamaguchi University 2003-2004. Graduated BA Hons in Japanese Studies from Sheffield University in 2005. CELTA accredited language teacher Regent's College, Oxford 2006. Currently studying for MA in Audiovisual Translation at Roehampton University.


Name: Adam Glen Taylor
Location: London Zone 1 & 2
Email: taileur32[ at ]
Levels: Anyone who is interested in Japanese, especially beginner and intermediate level
Details: I am a graduate of Soas university having studied for a BA Japanese Degree. I lived in Japan for more than 15 years, so my understanding of Japanese culture is quite advanced and my accent is very good. Whilst at university l was employed as a Language Ambassador, where l would organise Japanese language taster classes as well as Japanese language courses. Therefore l am proficient in teaching beginner as well as proficiency level of Japanese.


Name: Aiko Otsuka
Location: London
Email: aiko.j.t.14[ at ]
Levels: From complete beginner to advanced (especially advanced level), for any purposes: business and professional-use, degree study support, travel and hobby.
Details: Teaching experience: SOAS University of London 2014 & 2017-present, University of Manchester 2015-2017, Bsix college 2014 and United International College 2014. Qualifications: MA in Applied Linguistics and Language Pedagogy (2014, SOAS), Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test (2009), Japanese sign language interpreter licence (2003). Work experience in Japan: airline industry, social welfare service and local government.


Name: Shinobu Obatake
Location: London
Email: punksong1983[ at ]
Levels: Complete Beginner to Intermediate level
Details: Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language. 8 years experience of working in Japan as an English, Japanese and history teacher. Currently teaching basic Japanese to young Japanese learners at IIEL.


Name: Akemi Fujii
Location: London, Woking, Godalming, Guilford and anywhere via Skype
Email: pipgogo33[ at ]
Phone: 07931279009
Levels: Any levels including kids, beginners, buisiness, students and professional levels.
Details: I am working as a Japanese teacher now on-line. I have 15 years of career of proofreading, translation and interpretation in Japanese, English, Japanese sign language and Japanese Braille.


Name: Jordan Cascoe
Location: South East London, Croydon, Kent
Email: jordancascoe[ at ]
Levels: JLPT N5-N3, GCSE, A Level
Details: JLPT 2, Lived and Worked in Japan, Taught University, GCSE & A Level Students


Name: Mikiko Iida
Location: London SW & central area
Email: ginnezumi[ at ]
Phone: 07751325502
Levels: from beginners to free conversation
Details: Certificate for Japanese teaching as a foreign language. BA Philosophy at Birkbeck College (Unv. Of London)/Taught at City University and other adult education institutions.


Name: Saika Murana
Location: London
Email: parler.japonaise[ at ]
Levels: complete beginner to advanced
Details: Qualifications : 1. BA in English and American literature in Keio University (Tokyo, Japan), 2. Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language in Institute of International Education in London (North Greenwich, London) 3. Junior High School and High School Teaching Credential (English) Experience : 7 years of experience in the education industry. 1.Teaching English to junior-high and high school students in Japanese private schools 2.Teaching Japanese to mixed race, native/non-native students in International school, 3.Private Japanese tutoring for JLPT preparation, GCSE / A-level preparation, conversational Japanese Volunteer activities : 1. After school Japanese club coordinator in London (organizing cultural activities: games, songs, crafts, seasonal events) 2. Language instructor at a grammar school in London


Name: Dr Artour Mitski
Location: London and worldwide
Email: JapaneseTutorLondon[ at ]
Levels: Japanese for GSCE, A-levels, IB, JLPT, degree courses and adult learners.

PhD-educated professional teacher with a university degree in Teaching Japanese, 27 years of experience. Studied at Osaka University of Foreign Studies on the Monbusho Scholarship. JLPT Level N1 and JETRO Business Japanese Certificate. Certified Japanese Cross-Cultural Trainer. Associate Researcher at the SOAS Japan Research Centre. Face-to-face tutorials in Russell Square. Online video tutorials by FaceTime/Skype/Zoom/Google Meets.


Name: Kazue Ono
Location: South London and online
Email: info.nihongoschool[ at ]
Levels: All levels. I have taught Genki, Marugoto, Nihongo Quartet, Minna no Nihongo, JfBP, JLPT books etc. Non-textbook lesson is available too. Grammar, conversation, lessons for people who have Japanese families, and lessons discussing books and culture.

Studied at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo. BA in Literature. Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language. Website:


Name: Miyo Katagi
Location: Central London
Email: mkatagi9[ at ]
Levels: All
Details: 10+ years experience teaching japanese at Japan and oversea in all levels, age groups, private, company and college. I can also teaching Japanese culture i.e. tea ceremony, kimono dressing etc.


Name: Tomoko Kikuchi
Location: Fulham/ SW
Email: tomokoplacek[ at ]
Levels: All levels

Certificate in teaching Japanese as a foreign language. Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation. BA in engineering.Certificate in teaching Japanese as a foreign language. Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation. BA in engineering. Fluent in French.


Name: Sarah Lloyd
Location: London
Email: sarah.lloyd0902[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to advanced
Details: PGCE in Modern Languages (Japanese), JLPT level 1


Name: Madeleine Imai
Location: London, Zone 1-5
Email: maddeimai[ at ]
Phone: 07716119809
Levels: Beginners, intermediate
Details: MA in Advanced Japanese, Sheffield Univ.


Name: Asami Miyamoto
Location: Central/West London and Skype
Email: asami.miyamoto.vii[ at ]
Levels: All Levels
Details: Qualifications: 1. Completed the Japanese Teacher Training Course at the Japan Foundation Cairo Office; 2. Cambridge CELTA 3. MA Theory and Practice of Translation, SOAS, Univeristy of London Experience: 6 years of teaching experience to children and adults (private and classroom); Taught English at the British Council (Cairo, Egypt)Experience: Two-year private tutoring experience (Cairo, Egypt); Teaching English at the British Council (Cairo, Egypt)


Name: Rumiko Magariyama
Location: London, online
Email: r_surbiton[ at ]
Phone: 07828945581
Levels: All levels

Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Japanese as Foreign Language (Accredited by the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate): Hold BSc in Psychology: Qualified Kindergarten Teacher. Native. 20 years experience of teaching in private for all purposes and ages from beginner to proficiency level. Teaching at Japanese and non-Japanese companies.


Name: Takako Inada
Location: London
Email: pianomusic777888[ at ]
Phone: 07438084928
Levels: all levels
Details: I am a native speaker of Japanese and a PhD candidate in Applied Linguistics department in University of London, having a lot of experience of teaching Japanese to non-Japanese. I have a lisence of teaching Japanese in a junior and a senior high school in Japan. I got a Master degree in TESOL in Columbia University in the USA. Please feel free to contact me when you want to study Japanese.


Name: Yukiko Ueda
Location: Surrey
Email: ykk.ueda[ at ]
Levels: All levels from beginners to advanced learners
Details: MA in Interpreting from London Metropolitan University. Was a High School Teacher of English in Japan. Certificate from Institute of International Education in London. Currently teaching at United International College.


Name: Jacqueline Greaves
Location: North, West, Central London
Email: jacquelinerg67[ at ]
Phone: 0208 427 5436
Levels: All
Details: Japanese Teaching Proficiency Test Level 1


Name: Tomoko Ishikawa
Location: Northwest London, Harrow, West London
Email: tomokor33[ at ]
Levels: All levels, GCSE, A-level, JLPT
Details: IIEL London College of Education Graduate School Certificate in teaching Japanese as a foreign language/Experience in private & group tutoring/Personalised lessons/Short-term also available.


Name: Yoko Kunii
Location: Central London and Winchester, Southampton
Email: aumi62[ at ]
Levels: All levels
Details: BA in Psychology, MA in Applied Linguistics. Teaching experiences for all purposes and ages


Name: Mariko Smith
Location: Online, SE London
Email: marikosmithg[ at ]
Levels: All levels inc. home education to advanced. Specialist for GCSE, A-level, IB and JLPT.

Over 15 years experience and currently teaching at high education in London. Happy to take any enthusiastic students from all levels.


Name: Mina Mermoud
Location: London
Email: minajapaneselondon[ at ]
Levels: Beginners to Advanced
Details: Master in Japanese language, literature and civilization at the University of Geneva / Japanese Proficiency Test Level 1 / 10 years of Japanese tutoring to children and adults / Japanese as my second mothertongue


Name: Michael Hughes
Location: London
Email:[ at ]
Phone: 07902253850
Levels: Beginners - Intermediate
Details: MA Japanese Studies (Cambridge University); JLPT Level One


Name: Sadako Yamamoto
Location: Bexleyheath, South East London
Email: Studioeast[ at ]
Levels: Beginners, GCSE, AS and A2, IB and JLPT
Details: 15 years experience in Grammar school, adult education and private lessons. I take students who can come to Bexleyheath only


Name: Mieko Kanai
Location: South East London, Kent
Email: mkchatinjapanese[ at ]
Phone: 0784 789 1856
Levels: Beginner, GCSE, IB, JLPT
Details: Online tutoring service also available.


Name: Akiko Masui
Location: Stepney
Email: m-akiko1027[ at ]
Levels: All
Details: BA in South Asian sociology at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Taught at a language school in London as a part time job.


Name: Eriko Murata
Location: North London, Central London
Email: eriko0720[ at ]
Phone: 07931727746
Levels: Beginners to Advanced
Details: As an enthusiastic and committed individual with a passion for traching Japanese for over 10 years in London, I am seeking to use my skills to help ensure that my students are in an enjoyable learning environment. I teach Japanese language and Japanese culture (Kimono, Tea Ceremony, Shodo, Sushi) to children, young people and adults, I have a Diploma in Teaching Japanese, validated by University of Cambridge. I have taught Japanese at the Mount School, YWCA Central Club, Regent College and Institute International. I am confident I can have a positive impact on students\' learning and cultural appreciation. I am able to offer students a flexible approach.


Name: Steven Bartholomew
Location: Kent
Email: stevenbartholomew[ at ]
Phone: 0751151824
Levels: Primary school children, secondary school students, adults and special needs students up to Level 2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Details: Have Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1, 6 years\' experience living in Tochigi Prefecture.


Name: Stephen J Cullis
Location: East Sussex
Email: barnabycross[ at ]
Phone: 07870-465-121
Levels: Beginner to Upper Intermediate/Advanced GCE/JLPT2
Details: Cert TEFL, MA Oriental Studies Oxford, JLPT 2. 4 Years living and working in Japan, currently working as Freelance Translator and working in a Japanese Business environment, over 10 years classroom and 1 to 1 teaching experience. I now also teach via Skype.


Name: Eijiro Tanzawa
Location: London
Email: e.tanzawa[ at ]
Levels: All levels - Beginners, Intermediate, GCSE, AS, A2, Buisiness
Details: MA in Applied Linguistics (University of Greenwich)The Japanese Teacher Training Diploma in London.


Name: Jean Butler
Location: London
Email: nihongojean[ at ]
Levels: Up to JLPT 2
Details: BA in Japanese


Name: Noriko Inagaki
Location: London or online
Email: nihongoinlondon[ at ]
Levels: Total Beginners to Advanced

Qualified and 20+ years experience; PhD in sociolinguistics (KCL, Univ of London), MA in applied Japanese linguistics (SOAS), BA in linguistics (ICU, Japan). Regularly teaching university students and adult learners. Flexible online 1-to-1 or small group lessons over zoom or in-person lessons in London. Small group lesson with friends is often cost-effective. Can provide tuition/coaching in Japanese study depending on your specific needs, e.g. for general study, JLPT preparation, travel Japanese, or business.


Name: Junko Lazell
Location: South Essex
Email: junko[ at ]
Phone: 07758759019
Levels: Any level, any purpose of lesson including study for JLPT, business Japanese, Japanese for travel etc.
Details: Holding IFL membership with QTLS (Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills) status. I am professional and have various experience of teaching Japanese to adults at a Further Education College and Community College. Currently I am running courses at a community centre in Westcliff –on-sea and Brentwood area in Essex. Private lessons at any levels, business training, Skype lessons and writing advice are also available. See at


Name: Akiko Sakaguchi
Location: London
Email: akiko.sakaguchi[ at ]
Levels: Beginners to Advanced
Details: Native Japanese teacher with 20 years experience providing one to one Japanese lessons for all levels including preparing students for the JLPT exams N1 to N5. Mrs. Sakaguchi also teaches large groups in the city for various companies which have included Japan Airlines.


Name: Masayoshi Kosugi
Location: London
Email: masakosugi[ at ]
Levels: Complete beginners to advanced
Details: BSc Business Management, MSc Sociology, PhD Cultural Studies and Philosophy. Three years experience of private tutoring in the USA.


Name: Chinatsu Tateyama
Location: Central London
Email: chinatsu.jpt[ at ]
Levels: All levels
Details: Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language, BA in Economics, experience as a private tutor.


Name: Mami Miyamoto
Location: West London
Email: leapkitten[ at ]
Levels: All levels
Details: Tutoring uni students of advanced Japanese level for 3 years. I have got a BA in English Cognitive Linguistics, and students will be assured that they will hardly ever have trouble understanding my English (CPE and TOEIC 975). I am very flexible in materials and levels, and I will always try my best to respond to your Japanese needs. Private tuition can be arranged wherever in London that suits you best with competitive lesson fees. Feel free to contact me via e-mail.


Name: Junko Goto
Location: London: Central, South East
Email: jnkgtouktutor[ at ]
Levels: From complete beginner to advanced. Also, business Japanese.
Details: Postgraduate diploma of teaching Japanese as a foreign language (UK). BA in English literature (Japan). More than 13 years of business experience. Can cope with wide range of interests.


Name: Satomi Kawai
Location: Central London, South London and Surrey
Email: satomi_kawai50[ at ]
Levels: Beginners to Advanced
Details: Japanese teacher with over 20 years' experience. Teach non-native employees at large Japanese firms in the City and have taught cabin crew for Japan Airlines, as well as preparing pupils for their JET programme.


Name: Miyuki Taylor
Location: South East : South and Central London, Surrey, South West London
Email: miyukl.taylor[ at ]
Phone: 020 8393 7778
Levels: Beginners, Intermediate, GCSE, A levels
Details: BA in Social Science. Certificate in teaching Japanese as a foreign language/Japanese Saturday School (Hoshuko). Certificate in Teaching Japanese (SOAS, University of London ). Currently teaching Japanese at International School of London in Surrey and at Japanese Saturday School. Private tuitions for GCSE, AS and A2 as well as other various levels to suite each individual or group requirements.


Name: Chieko Kuribara
Location: South East, East and East of London (The areas along the One railway line between London Liverpool Street station and Cambridge, and also Ware and Hertford)
Email: ckuribara[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to Intermediate levels
Details: BA in English & American Literature and Linguistics, MA in Linguistics, Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition. Fluent in both Japanese and English. Teaching experience at the level of secondary and higher education, as well as in the private tuition context. I also offer online lessons via Skype.


Name: Michiko Thornton
Location: London / South London and Surrey
Email: kondo_thornton[ at ]
Levels: Beginners to Advanced
Details: BA in English LiteratureCambridge Certificate Training Course/Euro-Japanese Exchange Foundation Training CourseTaught at Japanese School, London (1988-1993)Euro-Japanese Exchange Foundation (1993-1999)Prepared students for Japanese Proficiency Test, GCSE, A levelsThames Valley University Evening Classes (1993-2001)


Name: Riko Sherratt
Location: London / South London, Middlesex, Worthing (W. Sussex)
Phone: 020 8993 9505
Levels: Any level incl. University degree, AS, AII, IB, FLAW. Also practical teaching methods for teacher training courses.
Details: SOAS, the London Institute, Hockerhill Anglo-European School Experience: 18 years, SOAS University of London Teaching BA, F.C.O. Diplomatic Staff, Daiwa Scholar.Now, London Institute, and AS, AII, IB etcQualifications: BA (English Literature) and Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language


Name: Keiko Saisho
Location: London, South West London, Central London
Email: keikomax[ at ]
Levels: Beginners - Advanced. GCSE, A-Level, JLPT any level
Details: Diploma in teaching Japanese as a foreign language/as first language. Currently teaching privately and in schools.


Name: Noriko Madsen
Location: London / South Surrey and London
Email: norikomadsen[ at ]
Phone: 07863332935
Levels: All levels
Details: Japanese Teacher certificate from University of Cambridge.


Name: Kimiko Avins
Location: London, South London, Croydon, Surrey, Kent
Email: kimiko_avins[ at ]
Details: BA in Japanese, EJEF teaching course. Teaching Japanese at high school in Japan and UK college for GCSE and A Level. Business Japanese to groups and individuals. Private tuition - GCSE, A level, proficiency test.


Name: Mie Yamashita
Location: London N16, Hackney, City, part of Islington. I can teach at your place, work and a quite café etc.
Email: burugari_2001[ at ]
Phone: 07508782273
Levels: Complete beginners to JLPT Level 1, Support for homework for Japanese Hoshu-ko, Children who can’t go to Hoshu-ko are also welcome. Home education. GCSE.
Details: Japanese teacher training course at EJEF and have been working as a tutor since 1997. Individual and group lessons for children to adults.


Name: Junko Aylett-Tsurubuchi
Location: West London TW & KT (Twickenham- Hampton & Kingston areas) & W3, W4, W5 (Ealing- Acton) areas
Email: junkolondon[ at ]
Levels: Beginner- Advanced (GCSE, A-Level, JLPT, holiday & business Japanese)
Details: M.Ed. in English Language Education (Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan), MA in Applied Linguistics (Goldsmiths College, University of London), Certificate in Teaching Japanese (SOAS, University of London). Level 4 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (University of Cambridge). Currently teaching Japanese GCSE and A-level at the Japanese School and other schools.


Name: Matt Taylor
Location: London
Email: matt.taylor[ at ]
Levels: Beginners to average
Details: Qualified Teacher in Japanese - Major at university and teaching certificate with 10 years experience in teaching.


Name: Kuniko Tamai
Location: Greater London / On line
Email: hrn86048[ at ]
Phone: 07763 381 325
Levels: Any levels and age: from complete beginner to advanced, JLPT Course (from N1 to N5), Business, Culture, Literature, History and Japanese Fine Arts

BA (Japanese literature, Culture and history) and Certificate in Teaching Japanese as a foreign language in London. Teaching 2 years at a Language School, Private Tutoring for 20 years in London, having a large variety of pupils; Business Japanese (to bankers, Diplomats, Lawyers s and so on) in the City for 20 years based on my working experience in Japan. Children whose Japanese are the first or second language. Also available online lessons.


Name: Takayuki Takaku
Location: London
Email: world_fancy[ at ]
Phone: 07789 540746
Levels: Any levels
Details: I have successfully finished a Postgraduate Diploma course in teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language. I can teach any levels and any ages. I have experience teaching in a school, adults and as a private tutor.


Name: Eriko Suzuki
Location: London
Email: erikosuzuki[ at ] (HOMEPAGE:
Levels: All Levels (small children to mature adults) Language & Culture
Details: I have been teaching Japanese language and culture (kimono, calligraphy, tea ceremony etc) since September 2003. Having worked at FCO Language Centre, the British Library and other institutions and schools, I have developed my teaching skills using both traditional methods and creative methods. As a private tutor, I have taught Japanese to people who are 4 - 85 years old (various nationalities). I enjoy meeting new students and try to find the best learning methods for each student.


Name: Yoshiko Robbie
Location: London
Email: neilrobbie[ at ]
Phone: 020 8878 1631
Details: All levels, business, academic, including Japanese Proficiency Test Preparation 4, 3, 2, 1 15 years experience teaching Japanese in Japan and England. Graduate of Waseda University and hold trading license of English and Japanese


Name: Yumi Penrose
Location: London: Notting Hill / Bayswater
Email: yumipenrose[ at ]
Levels: Any levels for any purpose or for a hobby
Details: \'420-hour\' Japanese Tutor\'s Course certificate for teaching Japanese, Cambridge CELTA for teaching English, BA in Business. Excellent teacher with long experience and a good sense of humour. Parental experience of a teenager. Lessons for age 13+


Name: Satoru Otsuka
Location: London North & West London
Email:[ at ]
Levels: Beginner - Advanced Adult
Details: Graduate Diploma in Language Teaching (Japanese)


Name: Reiko Okamura
Location: London: South-West or Central London
Email: reiko_okamura[ at ]
Levels: From beginner ro fluent speaker
Details: Completed EJEF Japanese Teacher Training Course in 1997. Over 20 years of Japanese teaching experience. Fluent in English and Japanese. I had taught at Japanese and international companies as an in-house instructor (for example: UBS, Goldman Sachs, Canon, Mitsubishi , Mizuho International Finance, Panasonic, etc). Have taught various age groups and levels, conversational classes, business classes, one-to-one classes, larger group classes as well as JLPT preparations.


Name: Kimiko Okamoto
Location: Greater London
Email: okimi20[ at ]
Levels: All levels
Details: Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language


Name: Hiroki Ofuna
Location: London All areas
Email: grandegrange[ at ]
Levels: GCSE, AS, A2, JLPT (1-4), general conversation
Details: BA (Linguistics), Waseda University Postgraduate Diploma in teaching Japanese Currently teaching GCSE in a secondary schol , AS and A2 in a private school, general conversation courses in a language school and kokugo and English in a private schoool.


Name: Yuiko Nakagawa
Location: London Central London
Email: yuiko0722[ at ]
Phone: 09079 6060 888
Levels: All levels: GCSE, A-level; JLPT 1-4, group and private tuition, business
Details: All levels: GCSE, A-level; JLPT 1-4, group and private tuition, business Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language (UCLES). Secondary school/Primary School/Language College/ Business Classes teaching experience.


Name: Yukiko Naganuma
Location: London
Email: yuna44brit[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to business level
Details: MA in Language Learning and Japanese Language Teaching. Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language. More than ten years of business experience. Broad knowledge about Japanese entertainment (anime, music, games, etc)


Name: Mitsuyo McCarthy
Location: London zone 1 and 2
Phone: 07968 956 933
Levels: Complete beginner to advanced level
Details: South Thames College TutorJapanese Education Teachers SocietyLinguarama Certificate in teaching Japanese. Private tutoring for groups and individuals.


Name: Yasuko Lockett
Location: London (Central.South East), Kent
Phone: 020 8297 3173
Levels: All
Details: Dartford Grammar School for Boys (95-98) Private tutor for all levels and agesJapanese Teacher Training Certification, SOASB.A LawCertified classroom assistant and teacher assistant.


Name: Kazuko Gibson Koike
Location: London: NW, N, SE, SW, W London, HA8, HA9 and Herts, Bucks (within 30 min drive)
Email: info[ at ]
Phone: 0208-958-9166
Levels: All levels, GCSE, A-level, JLPT 1-4, intensive course for 1-3 weeks
Details: Qualifications: Cambridge UCLES Japanese Teaching Diploma, Practical English Test 1st grade Experience: 20 years Japanese teaching/tutoring for business people, Adult Education, GCSE/A-level and special interests in Japan. All lessons are tailor-made. Web-site:


Name: Chikako Kaneko
Location: London
Email: cchikako2001[ at ]
Phone: 0161 7736211
Levels: Any level
Details: Currently teaching in a college.


Name: Katsuko Ishiguro
Location: London, Herts
Email: katsukois30[ at ]
Phone: 07835 120797
Levels: All levels
Details: UCLES Certificate. Taught Japanese and music at Palmers Green High School, Farrington and Stratford House Senior School, Salcombe Primary School, Sumner Primary School Hampstead Hill School and Institute of International Education in London.


Name: Noriyuki Ishibashi
Location: London
Email: i.noriyuki[ at ]
Phone: 07758 223 290
Levels: All levels
Details: Passed Japanese Language Teaching Competency test in 1999, 6 years experience as a private tutor.


Name: Hironori Inoue
Location: London
Email: charlotto_hiro[ at ]
Phone: 07951 898598
Levels: All levels
Details: Postgraduate Diploma of Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language.


Name: Hiroko Inaba
Location: London West or South West
Phone: 020-8840-8554
Levels: Beginners
Details: Soka University Japanese Teaching Course (4 years) - correspondence course.


Name: Akemi Graham
Location: South West London, Central London
Email: akemigraham[ at ]
Phone: 020 8892 7062
Levels: Any
Details: BA in Japanese Literature from Waseda University in Tokyo, MBA in USA. Taught at a US university for 2 years, private tuition in UK for 20 years.


Name: Atsuko Foynes
Location: London: West
Email: afoynes[ at ]
Levels: All levels
Details: BA and Diploma in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language.


Name: Asami Downey
Location: London
Email: nihongosorted[ at ]
Levels: All levels
Details: Certificate in teaching Japanese language. Offering Japanese tuition privately, and with school, university and business clients, at all levels and to all ages. Extensive experience. Also work as translator and interpreter


Name: Kelly Davis
Location: London: Zones 1-3
Email:[ at ]
Levels: Any level ok
Details: Over 15 years of Japanese teaching experience. Fluent in English and Japanese. Have taught in Tokyo, NYC and London at Berlitz, and at other international companies as an in-house instructor (for example: Sony, Canon, Mitsubishi, Coca-Cola, Panasonic, etc). Have taught various age groups and levels, conversational classes, business classes, one-to-one classes, as well as, larger group classes.


Name: Masayo Dalgleish
Location: London , North
Email: masayod10[ at ]
Phone: 020 8449 8631
Levels: All Levels
Details: UCLES Certificate (2002) I have been giving private tuition to adults and young people since 2002.


Name: Naoko Adachi
Location: Online, North London (Islington, Camden & Hackney)
Email: ncsumizaki[ at ]
Levels: JLPT (up to N2), GCSE

Teaching since 2004 at schools, FE Colleges & privately


Name: Enise Gerin Arca
Location: London, Reading
Email: enisegerin[ at ]
Phone: 07860908210
Levels: Beginners to Advanced
Details: Graduate of Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University - Japanese Language Education Department (1998-2003). Researcher at Japan-Okayama University, Comprehensive Language Studies Department Faculty of Arts (2003-2004). Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 1.


Name: Keiko Araki
Location: London
Email: arakinkin45[ at ]
Phone: 07983 948636
Levels: All levels, in particular beginner level and survival Japanese
Details: MA in language learning and Japanese language teaching / I\'m currently teaching Japanese at an English secondary school. I\'ve taught Japanese at the BBC several times.


Name: Nana Arai
Location: London Zones 1-3
Email: mint.nana[ at ]
Phone: 07942 058266
Levels: Complete beginner - advanced level (Any level)
Details: Recently completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language. As part of the course, taught Japanese to pupils aged 13-16 and adults aged 18 - 70. Has also taught adults privately.