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'A Love for Languages' - East Sussex Primary Languages Conference

On Wednesday 14th November, assistant programme officer Alastair Warner travelled to Alfriston in East Sussex to attend the East Sussex Primary Languages Conference called 'A Love for Languages'. Primary schools in East Sussex must introduce a language onto the curriculum by 2008, so representatives from a number of organisations were present to give advice and support on introducing different languages into their schools.

The Japan Foundation presented to the whole group, and kicked off with a wonderful Japanese language taster by one of our StepOutNet volunteers. She introduced the teachers to some basic Japanese expressions, and they were soon able to give their names and ask for food items. This was followed up with a Japanese song with actions, and then the teachers were taught to make an origami hat. The volunteer also brought along a mannequin dressed in a yukata.

After the taster, Alastair gave a presentation on the support available to teachers from the Japan Foundation, and especially our free Ready Steady NihonGO! scheme of work for primary schools and our StepOutNet programme of volunteers. The Japan Foundation provided leaflets to the teachers, and also set up a laptop so they could try out Ready Steady NihonGO! for themselves.

The Japan Foundation was very pleased to have the opportunity to attend the conference. If you know of similar events happening in your area, please let us know!