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New Japan Foundation website: "Listen Together : The Songs of Japan" 「みんなで聞こう 日本の歌」

We are very excited to announce the release of a brand new online resource for learners and teachers of Japanese!

"Listen Together : The Songs of Japan" 「みんなで聞こう 日本の歌」 is a site where you can search for and listen to Japanese songs that suit your interests and the level of your Japanese language ability. Aimed at students of Japanese language and people from around the world who are interested in Japanese songs, language, and culture, this website features a collection of Japanese songs catalogued according to genre, theme, level of Japanese language difficulty, title, view ranking, and so forth.

The videos include lyrics that can be displayed in hiragana, katakana, or romaji. You can also download printable lyric sheets. The site is fully compatible with smartphones and tablets as well as standard desktop browsers.

The songs featured on “Listen Together” are traditional or independently produced.

We hope teachers and learners alike will enjoy using this resource! If you have any feedback, or even videos of you or your students singing these songs, please do share them with us! Take a look for yourself at

A Japanese press release for “Listen Together: The Songs of Japan” can be found here.