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Japanese Plus: Talk About Music in Japanese

Japanese language learners discovered how to express what their favourite songs mean to them at this year’s first Japanese Plus course for advanced learners of Japanese, which ran 1st – 9th April.

The course, attended by 28 participants in total over the course of two weeks, was led by the Japan Foundation’s Chief Japanese Language Advisor, Makoto Netsu. In the first week, Netsu-sensei taught useful vocabulary and grammar structures for describing music and the feelings it evokes, and encouraged participants to talk to one another about their favourite song and artist. The participants then had the opportunity to put their new Japanese to the test by introducing their favourite song and Facebook, and share their opinions about each other’s musical preferences. In the second session, the participants examined each other’s Facebook comments and learned about the many ways people can express their feelings and opinions on the internet, including “Net Slang.” Finally, all participants were encouraged to continue their studies at home, by joining Japanese online music communities and chatting to others in Japanese on the net.

Some of the comments participants gave about the course included:

“It was just the right level for me. I enjoyed talking to others in my group.”
“It was fun, and Netsu-sensei was entertaining and easy to understand.”
“These two classes were very enjoyable – I hope to participate again soon!”

We’d like to thank all participants for taking part in Japanese Plus, and we hope to see more people take part in our next course!

To learn more about Japanese Plus, please click here.