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Japanese Plus July 2014 - Japanese for Jobs

How to write a CV and job application in Japanese, appropriate language to use in job interviews, and even how to effectively present oneself to ensure success – these were just a few of the topics covered in July’s “Japanese for Jobs” Japanese Plus course for advanced Japanese learners, which ended on 29th July.

The course, which was attended by 42 participants in total and ran for 4 weeks, was led by Hiroko Tanaka, Japanese Language Advisor at the Japan Foundation London. In the first week, the Japanese job-hunting process was examined, and vocabulary related to this process was provided and defined. Week 2 involved instruction on how to fill out a CV and job application form in Japanese, with learners assigned to complete their own resumes as a practical exercise. In Week 3, Tanaka-sensei delved into the interview process for Japanese jobs, offering instruction on the appropriate keigo (respectful language) to use in this situation. Finally, Week 4 saw participants taking part in mock interviews, before receiving evaluation feedback from Tanaka-sensei as well as the Deputy Director Mr Akazawa, who previously worked in HR, recruiting people for the Japan Foundation’s Head office.

All participants responded very positively to the course, and to Tanaka-sensei’s teaching. One participant commented that they “really enjoyed the course- wasn’t too strenuous for a weekday night either which is good! Rare to find such good quality, inexpensive Japanese classes.” Ian Brenkley also offered the following praise: “Thank you for another great course! They are always incredibly well thought out, structured and delivered.”

We’d like to thank all participants for taking part in Japanese Plus, and we hope to see more people take part in our next course!

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