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Teachers Seminar: Use It! Teaching Japanese with Marugoto

On the Tuesday 22nd April, 19 participants came to the Japan Foundation for a seminar  to learn about how Japanese language teachers can use the new Japan Foundation textbook Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture (Starter A1- KATSUDOO & RIKAI). Marugoto is designed so that users learn competence in accomplishing tasks using their language alongside learning competence in intercultural understanding.

The event began with an introduction to Marugoto as modelled on the JF Standard for Japanese Language Education by the Japan Foundation’s language advisor, Hiroko Tanaka. This was followed by an explanation of how teachers can use the Marugoto textbook by the Japan Foundation’s Chief language advisor, Dr Seiji Fukushima. Lastly, one of the Japanese teachers from SOAS Language Centre, Shinichiro Okajima, spoke about his experiences using the textbook as part of his language teaching for the Japan Foundation & SOAS Language and Culture Course. He mentioned the benefits he had found from utilising this methodology, which was very interesting and challenging.

The event was helpful for the teachers that attended. One of the teachers commented「まるごとを使ったクラスを教えてみたいと思いますね。」(I would like to try teaching a class using Marugoto)after joining us for this event.