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Online Seminar about Teaching Japanese

On May 27th 2012, Seiji Fukushima, the Chief language advisor at the Japan Foundation London presented an online seminar about learning Japanese in countries that do not have much contact with Japan. The seminar was made available via the Japan Foundation Cairo's Ustream page and allowed teaches of Japanese around the world to interact and ask questions if they watched it live.

Mr Fukushima has worked as a teacher of Japanese in Mexico, Uzbekistan, Russia and Hungary before coming to the UK to take up his current post early in 2011. He spoke about his experiences teaching in countries that do not have many Japanese residents or Japanese companies, where students of Japanese have limited chances to interact with Japanese culture or people.

34 people took part in the event in real time and a further hundred have viewed the seminar since it was first uploaded. You can see the whole seminar here.  

This and previous seminars are now available through the Japan Foundation, Cairo's Ustream webpage. 
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