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Talking Contemporary Japan: Kokugo Learn Japanese that Japanese learn

Over 40 participants attended our November-December Taking Contemporary Japan course for advanced Japanese learners, which ended on December 3rd.

Taking the theme of kokugo – Japanese language that Japanese people learn – participants had a chance to read classic Japanese stories and poetry, try riddles and kanji puzzles, and learn about the Japanese language as school children in Japan would do.  In the final session, the students were even able to try shuji or Japanese calligraphy, under the guidance of Japan Foundation’s language advisor and calligraphy specialist Tanaka-sensei.

Simona Lombardi, a first-time participant of Talking Contemporary Japan, said:

I think that this course is a great opportunity for all the people interested and in love with the Japanese language culture to keep practising and learning in a very friendly and relaxed way while having fun and meeting new people...It is good to see that there are other people like you that may not be using the Japanese language on a daily basis anymore but that are bounded to this country and share your same passion.  This course gave me the right motivation to get back to study and look for new activities and courses in my part time to keep deeding my passion and interest for the Japanese language and culture.”

The next Talking Contemporary Japan course will take place in March 2011. Please look out for details in the What’s On section of this website and in JF-News