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Talking Contemporary Japan - Investigating Japanese Mysteries
Participants acting out one of the mysteries
Participants acting out one of the mysteries

An air of mystery and suspense descended upon the Japan Foundation during February and March. In the latest set of Talking Contemporary Japan classes, 20 amateur sleuths gathered together to investigate Japanese mystery stories and to find the answer to the ultimate question - "whodunit!?"

Each session, designed for advanced learners of Japanese and conducted entirely in Japanese by Yoko Udagawa, Chief Japanese Language Advisor at the Japan Foundation London Language Centre, focussed on a particular story. Participants read the stories, discussed them and sometimes even acted them out. They also examined the different speech styles used to portray individual characters and gave presentations on their own favourite mysteries.

Feedback was very positive. One of the participants, Henrietta Martin-Fisher said:

"Thank you very much for a very good course. It was really well-planned and enjoyable - I look forward to the next one!"

Another participant commented:

"This was the best course ever and very funny too. I learnt so much from it."

Talking Contemporary Japan courses are free of charge and take place at various times throughout the year. Details of future courses at the Japan Foundation London Language Centre will be announced on the website when they are available.