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Manga Recommendations You Should Read Now

In this short article, manga artist Shangomola Edunjobi shares his suggestions for five series to get you started on your new interest - or add to an existing one! Click the PDF icon below to discover the handpicked titles and what makes each one a great read while isolating.

Author/Artist Shangomola Edunjobi (or Shango) began his comics career in 2014 when his One Page Comic ‘Scarlet’ took first prize in the London Graphic Novel Network A3 comic competition 2014. Since then he has been a two-time finalist in the Japanese Embassy’s MANGA JIMAN comic competition 2016 and 2017, and in collaboration published The One Page Comic Collection. Shangomola has gone on to win the Silver award in the International Manga Award 2018 with his most recent work, MISEYIEKI. He has also contributed to the 2019 Citi MANGA exhibition at the British Museum as its Curator of tone. He is a UK based creator with a degree in graphic design and a passion for creating ethnic diversity in comics.

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