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力-CHIKARA- Resources for GCSE Japanese

GSCE Japanese Teacher’s Reference Materials

The JFLLC has produced reference materials covering the Edexcel GCSE Japanese Specification 2007 to provide guidance for Japanese teachers in the UK.

Sentence Structures

This list contains the items in the Grammar List of the GCSE Japanese Specification. Some additional items, which are generally taught as basic structures, have also been added by the JFLLC.

The language structures have been classified into the following three levels according to difficulty (these levels have also been used in the CHIKARA Resources):

  • Level A: Most Basic (Equivalent to JLPT Level 4)
  • Level B: Basic (Equivalent to JLPT Levels 4 and 3)
  • Level C: Slightly More Difficult (Equivalent to JLPT Level 3 and above and also covered in GCE AS)

List of Sentence Structures


The vocabulary has been grouped in two ways; 1 List A. (in order of AIUEO) 2. List B (according to how the word functions grammatically e.g as a noun, adjective, verb). We envisage that list 2 will be particularly useful when making test papers and exercises. Vocabulary lists grouped by topic are also available.

  • List A (AIUEO) (PDF) (Excel)
  • List B (Noun, Adjective, Verb etc.) (PDF) (Excel)

List by Topic

  • In the United Kingdom and abroad (PDF) (Excel)
  • Education, training and employment (PDF) (Excel)
  • House, home and daily routine (PDF) (Excel)
  • Media, entertainment and youth culture (PDF) (Excel)
  • Social activities, fitness and health (PDF) (Excel)

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History of contributions to CHIKARA and GCSE Reference Materials

February 2006 – May 2007

Planning & Resource Design:

Hiromi Kijima(Japanese Language Specialist sent by the Japan Foundation Tokyo and Chief Language Advisor at the JFLLC)

Resource Writing:

Hiromi Kijima and Masumi Tanaka (Japanese Language Junior Specialist sent by the Japan Foundation Tokyo and Language Advisor at the JFLLC)

Sound Recording: :

Hiromi Kijima, Masumi Tanaka, Kota Hattori, Mariko Paterson, Shoko Iizuka & Norifumi Hida

Writing GCSE Structure List:

Hiromi Kijima

Writing GCSE Vocabulary Lists:

Masumi Tanaka & Hiromi Kijima

People who helped to create Chikara:

Sophie Lane, Tyler Martin, Esther Williams, Simon Williams (Checking English) ,
Aiko Yamanaka (vocabulary list)

June 2007 - March 2008

Planning & Resource Design/Resource Writing/Sound Recording:

Hiromi Kijima (Japanese Language Specialist sent by the Japan Foundation Tokyo and Chief Language Advisor at the JFLLC)

People who helped to create CHIKARA:

Shoko Middleton (Language Advisor at the JFLLC), Kim Woodruff, Alastair Warner, Eiko Mori

Uploads of Materials on to website

January 2007:Chikara Syllabus ‘Myself, Family, and Home life’
Chikara Resources M1 – M13
GCSE Japanese Structure List
GCSE Japanese Vocabulary List A/B

March 2007:Chikara Syllabus ‘School Life and Routines’
Chikara Resources S11 – S20
GCSE Vocabulary Lists by topics

May 2007:Chikara Syllabus ‘Town and Social Life’
Chikara Resources T3 – T8/ T14 – T17

February 2008:CHIKARA for Reading:
Chikara Syllabus ‘Life and Culture in Japan’
Chikara Resources J1 - J7

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